Our resort has the restaurant “TUMEN”, with capacity of receiving 120 guests, a Ger restaurant and a Nomadic Lounge. We serve the guests with Mongolian national, Asian and European cuisines prepared by qualified cooks.
Mongolian national dairy products made by local people and homemade bread are always available for your taste.

Our menu includes meal for children and vegetarian. Moreover we can serve Khorkhog, traditional food prepared with mutton using hot rocks.
You can have your food not only in the restaurants but also in the open air in the forest if you desire.

An enjoyable training of cooking Mongolian national food can be organized for new experience based on guests’ desire.


  • Mongolian vodka
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Soda and Juice etc.

Timetable of the restaurant

Breakfast08:00 АМ – 10:00 АМ
Lunch12:00 АМ – 02:00 РМ
Dinner07:00 РМ – 10:00 РМ
Note: Meal time is adjustable depending on the guests’ request.
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