Mongolian Traditional Ger

A Ger is a traditional Mongolian dwelling which is well known for providing a wonderful balance between nature and comfort. Gers are designed to withstand the strong steppe winds and it is available to adjust temperature of gers heating a stove.  The materials to be used to build a ger are very simple and they are wood, felt and other natural insulation materials. The components of a ger are wooden framework covered by large pieces of felt, a decorative cloth to be laid over the felt, the ropes which go around the ger, called “bus” (belts), made of braided horse mane and tail hair and the wooden framework that consists of collapsible walls “hana”, topped by poles (uni) radiating from a central round shaped window called “toono”. A ger is easily assembled and disassembled, and its components can be loaded on a couple of camels or on a yak cart.

We have Mongolian traditional gers where we can receive 100 guests for their comfortable rest. The guests can stay in the gers which are fully furnished and with different numbers of beds. There are standard and deluxe gers with one, two, three or four beds in our resort.

All of the gers are provided with required furniture and resident things such as plugs, tables, chairs, hangers, mirrors, warm quilts, pillows, towels and slippers.

We always prefer our guests’ necessity. When it is cool and cold, camp assistants can serve heating the stove in gers. In addition, there is boiled hot water for tea in all gers.

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