“TUMEN” karaoke is always open to have a nice time with family members, colleagues and friends singing Mongolian, English, Russian, Japanese and Korean songs. Our karaoke consists of not only reruns but also new modern songs.


One of good activities that we can offer you in our resort is snooker. Playing billiard with your friends is nice to spend your time joyfully.


There is a wittiness which says that “Reading a book is same as travelling”. Our resort has a library where you can stay there to travel world reading books written in not only Mongolian also other language such as Russian, English and Japanese. We are happy to welcome you to our library.


The activities, playing national games with ankles, and playing basketball, volleyball and table tennis, stretching rope, playing chess, draughts and cards and archery are available for your enjoyment.

Observing stars

This activity includes telescoping stars, distributing description of stars to the guests, stargazing of shot-star and telescoping of the Milky way, pole star and big dipper. Getting guide’s illustration during observing stars is available.


Our resort is located at 5 km from Terelj River. It is one of advantages of our resort especially for fishing. Fishing is good way to relax removing your stress.


We can suggest you bicycling in our resort because the location of our resort is very peaceful and away from noise. This peaceful environment can give you good chance to bicycle with full satisfaction breathing fresh air. If you do not have a bicycle you can rent a bicycle in our resort.


Everyone who likes to see and feel beauty of nature can do hiking in our resort. The resort is surrounded by forests in the south and west side and there is high mountain without forests in the northeast and low land in the east. Therefore, people whoever want hiking can have good time here.

Visiting herder family

Visiting herder’s family can be a new experience for you. It gives you a good chance to learn nomadic lifestyle tasting of dairy products such as dried curds, cream formed on the boiled milk, cheese, milk vodka, making milk tea, making dairy products and milking cows and yaks. Taking a photo with herders is allowed.

Travelling by a horse carter and an oxcart

It is one kind of joyful travelling. A herder will help and guide you for travelling by a horse carter and an oxcart. Visiting herder’ house /ger/ and tasting dairy products are a part of the activity. Other parts of this activity are to herd sheep and goats by horse and to prepare firewood using oxcart and horse carter.